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So far, the name Tran Than Duck, or Chef Duck, is no secret. Major news organizations shared his article, and every year, tourists and food lovers travel around the world to try one of his mouth-watering dishes. Not only was he a recognizable character in Hoi Yan’s food scene, to the locals, he was kind, generous and focused on family. Take My Fish Restaurant for example, named after his daughter.

Kong Nu is located in Ngok Hoa and opposite the Thu Ban River. My Fish Restaurant signifies having an authentic taste of Hoi Yan’s dining culture. The restaurant’s warm, yellow exterior is serene and inviting. At night, iconic paper lanterns light up the entrance, inviting you into the house. The sleek bar display reminds you that you are free to relax with your family and friends. Choose from a plethora of distinctive, local craft beers, cocktails and wine.

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Meeting Chef Duck

After meeting Duck, it becomes clear that he is radiating positivity. His eternal smile and serene nature make guests at his restaurants feel right at home. Whether dining alone or with others, Duck wants to bring people together through shared meals. He does this by encouraging his staff to communicate with guests on a personal level. Call them by name and be ready to engage in conversation.

When asked about his favorite things at Maui Fish Restaurant, Duck said, “Food and drinks are for friends and family. I love the sense of connection people have over food. “

Hidden sat down with Chef Duck to discuss everything My Fish. From the inspiration behind the restaurant name to the classic menu, and how all of these represent Duck’s focus on family.

My Fish Restaurant Info:

Price: $$ – $$$

Menu: Asian, Vietnamese, Vegetarian

Lunch: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight

Opening hours: 8 am – 10 pm

Address: 45 Nguyen Thzmin Khai, Hoi An (2 minute walk from Japanese Cover Bridge)

Phone: +84 (0) 235 3925 545

Email: [email protected]


Chef Duck focus on family

Born and raised on a farm in South Vietnam, Duck’s first memories were of his mother cooking. A simple story of mangoes shared by Duck’s mother turned his lifelong passion career around. She explained to him the three stages of maturation and how the taste profile changes at each stage. A natural progression that shows the duck how complex the diet is.

“When the mango is green, the duck’s mother says to him, ‘Use it in a nicely crispy, refreshing salad. When it is half ripe, the taste is sweet and sour, which gives it more variety and flexibility. Finally, when the mango is ripe, use it in dessert. ”

“[My mother] Loving critic. Emphasizing the importance of having a delicious meal as well as looking very pretty, ”Duck nodded.

Duke’s love and admiration for his mother’s traditions is evident by the careful design of the My Fish restaurant menu. As a child, Duck understood the importance of being proud of the food you prepare and serving others. Farm-to-plate is the norm, as most products and meat are available locally. Despite the increase in tourism over the past decade, Duck noted the desire of many visitors to take part in the Vietnamese experience. That’s where My Fish comes into play.

Hidden reference: If you are looking for the real thing, to focus on your family, without the gimmick, and without the tourist price-tag, My Fish Restaurant is the place to go.

Convenient location of My Fish Restaurant

After the entry of the ancient city of Hoi An, a Southeast Asian trading port from the 15th to the 19th century, there is evidence of domestic and foreign influence. Together they make it the perfect place for a heritage-based restaurant. Rustic decor and handmade furniture complete this traditional Hoi An home perfectly. Add a special touch of the riverfront courtyard, and My Fish Restaurant quickly becomes a favorite place for guests to view the serene, lantern-lit views of the Tai Ban River.

Outdoor setting at My Fish Restaurant
Soft afternoon light on the restaurant premises. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

The cozy atmosphere of My Fish Restaurant

Approaching My Fish Restaurant from the river bank, it is clear that a lot of thought and care has been taken in nurturing its comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Shades of red, orange and yellow give guests the feeling of sunset even in the middle of the afternoon. Outside, the restaurant thrives on life. Carefully selected, plants and shrubs transform the courtyard and outdoor patio into a serene, garden-esque landscape. Copper radiates a unique, golden glow on lighting tables. Meanwhile, the interior encourages you to relax. You are at home. Paintings in the hall, and ornate, wooden cabinets of antiques, locally made cups, glasses and bowls. If you need a private room for a special occasion, a beautiful place for reservations is available at My Fish Restaurant. There is a separate dining area to seat eight guests.

“I built [Mai Fish Restaurant] From the ground. Everything from flooring to counter space in the kitchen. By designing plates and bowls – this is my mother’s way. There is no other way, ”Duck explained.

The campus is home to exceptional artwork. A well from the original Old Town of Hoi An. Even better, guests have the unique opportunity to dine at a table that embraces this ancient structure. It is happily decorated with a small fountain and other decorations.

Despite its name, Maui Fish Restaurant has so much more on its scientifically inspired menu than seafood. Specialties like white rose from hoi – dumplings stuffed with minced pork and prawns and served with sweet and sour fish sauce. By Cao Law -Noodle based dish with caramel, bean sprouts and fresh herbs. For vegetarian-friendly options like tofu lemongrass — crunchy tofu, seasoned with fresh lemon juice and chili served with boiled rice and fried spinach with garlic. Then the local catch, Bun Mai Fish-Char-Grilled Chicken and Shrimp on Rice Vermicelli with Crispy Rolls, Fresh Herbs and Fish Sauce. My Fish Restaurant‌ has something for every member of the family.

Amma is always right

“The food at My Fish is traditional – my mother cooks South Vietnamese, and I don’t confuse it with that,” Duck said firmly. “I can improve it a little bit, make it cleaner and better for the product, but it’s not My Food. It would be a crime to confuse it. “

Duck agrees, as the saying goes, Don’t be confused with good stuff.

“Mom is always right,” he nodded.

Other home-made favorites at Maui Fish Restaurant include Spring Rolls – a shareable starter. They include rice paper, pork, shrimp, fresh herbs and peanut sauce. Vietnamese curry is slowly cooked with shrimp, taro root, sweet potato and served with boiled rice or baguette and tamarind with seafood hotpot, pineapple, tomato juice, fresh vegetables, prawns, squid rings, red snapper, fresh tofu. , And egg noodles.

Hidden reference: As a family-friendly, inclusive starter, Hidden recommends that you order a sample plate. Combination plate with crunchy rolls, papaya salad with beef and shrimp in la lot leaves.

Well submitted plate
Beautifully served plate food at My Fish. Photo: Maggie Kennedy

Drinks at My Fish Restaurant

From sculpture, craft beer to fruit-infused cocktails and a variety of wine offerings, My Fish Restaurant has the perfect atmosphere to sit back, relax and focus on the family. The unique structure of the house with hidden balconies and cozy corners makes it an ideal place for a quiet meeting or even a date-night.

Hidden reference: For kids, try the mango smoothie. It’s a fun, non-alcoholic alternative with local flavors and fresh fruit.

Whether you have kids or are in a comforting nightcap mood, My Fish is the perfect choice at a restaurant. Behind the restaurant, across the street is a bar, beautifully designed with brushed copper metal and mood lighting. Overhead, the impressive wire whale, my fish’s big brother restaurant, was inspired by the underwater bar in the mango mango, which shows a sense of community. From local offers such as a selection from the East West Brewing Company, Ho Chi Minh City’s first indoor craft brewery, an extensive list of imported wines and signature cocktails such as tropical chili-thought-out rum blend, lime, mango, mint, passionfruit and honey, each There is something to satisfy everyone’s preference.

Hidden reference: Happy Hour includes half-priced drinks every day until 6 p.m.

Hidden thoughts

While Hoi An has delicious local restaurants, Timeless Take offers a number of dishes that are classically inspired by My Fish Vietnam. From traditional white rose dumplings to bun mai fish, Chef Duck Hoi Yan hosted a menu that showcased the best of fresh, local flavors. Not only does the food satisfy you, but the cozy atmosphere and focus on the family makes you feel at home at Maui Fish Restaurant.

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