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How to get to the Sanctuary of My Son

My Son Sanctuary is a popular day trip from Hoi An for those looking for a historical excursion and picturesque scenery. Due to the rise in popularity, the question of how to get to My Son has never been easier to answer. Conveniently located just an hour’s drive west of Hoi An through the stunning countryside of Vietnam. The roads to My Son pass through nearby farmland on the outskirts of Hoi An. It’s a beautiful walk that takes you through fields of corn and sunflowers, rice paddies, and impressive mountain peaks. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the farmers tending their crops and get a glimpse of their daily life.

Starting in 1999, My Son Sanctuary became part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Taking you a millennium to the culture of the Champa people. With a group of ancient Hindu structures that predate Angkor Wat by 800 years, My Son is a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed. The remnants of the destruction of the American war are also evident here, with a double dose of history in one place.

In this article, Hidden shares how to get to My Son from Hoi An. Be it a self-guided trip or via a tour. We discuss the prices associated with each one, making it easy for you to decide the best option for your visit. For our complete guide to visiting the My Son Sanctuary, click here.

Temples of my son

How long does it take to get to my son from Hoi An?

Getting to My Son Shrine takes about an hour heading west from Hoi An. Well-paved roads effectively lead the way, making motorcycle travel a solid option. If you choose to take a car to approach My Son, the travel time will vary with traffic. Being 43km north of My Son, starting from Da nang still a viable option, but expect city traffic.

Self-guided trip Vs Tours

Do you prefer the freedom to surf at your own pace or share the experience with other like-minded people? Hidden looks at the pros and cons of each.

Going yourself comes with the possibility of a smooth itinerary. Stay and watch as long as you want and take a break wherever you want. However with the pleasures comes the responsibility of renting a motorcycle, then trusting that you know how to get to My Son. There are many back roads that, although they lead to My Son, are still difficult to navigate. Once you’re inside and still want to share the history of the site, keep an eye out for tour guides on site. If they haven’t reached out to you first, they are often putting together their own tours so you don’t miss out. For more information on routes to My Son Sanctuary, see this Article.

Going on a tour allows all the necessary preparations to be made for you. So there is no need to worry about how to navigate to get to My Son. This includes transportation to and from the site, the ticket to enter, an expert guide, and often even a meal. While you won’t get lost, managing a tour group means an itinerary is crucial. Therefore, following the crowd as it moves from place to place is not for everyone. Read our full article on the tours available to My Son here.

Hidden clue: Sometimes the size of the promised group doubles. If you are not interested in traveling in large groups, please choose another option.

reservation office at My Son Sanctuary
My Son Sanctuary guide bookings office

Options to get to the My Son Sanctuary

Options to get to My Son range from daily shuttle buses to motorcycles or scooters. If you appreciate the slower pace of the countryside, perhaps a bike tour is a good option for you. Even hiring a taxi is a viable option if you are looking for a more individual experience.

Driverless route to the My Son sanctuary

Driving to My Son? Then, with the exception of the complicated secondary route, most of the routes are the same. We provide you with the easiest course to take. There are not too many blind corners or unmaintained roads. If you are comfortable on a scooter, the trip will not be treacherous.

Hidden clue: It is a good idea to download the route on Google Maps before departure.

Travel directions

Leaving downtown Hoi An (Hoi An museum) head west on Tran Hung Dao and stay on the same road for 11 km. It changes its name along the way, but it is easy to follow. Turn north on the QL1A highway when you reach the town of Vinh Dien. You only need to stay on the highway a few hundred meters before turning left at Tran Quy Cap as soon as you cross the bridge. Merging with confidence, slow and deliberate movements pave the way on busy Vietnamese streets.

Follow this stretch of road to the southwest to see farmers working in the rice fields. The route passes several small towns with dozens of cafes along the road if you need a caffeine fix. The highway changes its name from Tran Quy Cap to Hung Vuong as it passes under the new north-south megahighway.

Towards the end of Hung Vuong Road, turn left onto Quang Trung (if you reach the Yen River Bridge, then you’ve gone too far!). This road leads directly to My Son, crossing a bridge with a great view of the Thu Bon river. The road gets quite narrow as you get closer to My Son, so keep an eye out for oncoming tour buses. The final section is well signposted until you reach the My Son Sanctuary, where you will find a large car park. Official parking costs 5,000 VND (0.20 USD)

Hidden clue: The toilets outside the main entrance cost money, while the ones inside are absolutely free.

garden in the sanctuary
A gardening place among the ruins.

How to get to My Son Sanctuary by taxi or private car

Renting a private car or taxi is also a viable option to get to My Son Sanctuary. The general rule of thumb is that when taxis are more numerous and require less planning, they are also more expensive. Private transfer services generally need a 24-hour notice and usually only accept longer trips. This is a good idea for those prone to pit stops, whether it’s to stretch their legs, go to the bathroom, or grab a quick snack. Prices vary, but on average a private transfer costs you around 880,000 VND (38 USD) for a round trip by 4-seater car. See Hidden’s full article on the benefits of private transfers here.

The taxi option costs around 640,000 dong ($ 28) one way. Booking is easy, just coordinate with your hotel reception, however there will likely be a small additional booking fee. If you choose to book direct, there are many online options available with hotel pickup. Reliable taxi and private ride options include Mai linh and Fast Go. Both options make their reservations through a downloadable application.

Hidden clue: The reservation of private cars guarantees a trip throughout the day. Your driver will wait for you. Taxis and bus rides are only one way, unless you agree in advance and ask them to wait.

My Son Shrine located west of Hoi An
My Son: located west of Hoi An in the middle of a lush valley surrounded by jungle mountains

Tours to the My Son Sanctuary

There is more than a shuttle bus option to take you to the My Son Sanctuary. Consider the fresh air feel of a retro convertible jeep or a motorcycle tour for the adventurous. For those who can go all the way Grasshopper adventure tours we offer a 24 km bike tour to My Son. This includes a return shuttle service so you can relax in your well-deserved respite after exploring the site.

Enjoy the romantic side of Vietnam and take the boat back down the Thu Bon River to Hoi An offered during the bus ride to My Son via Sinh’s tourist. It costs 70,000 VND (3 USD) in addition to the initial tour cost of 190,000 VND (8 USD). NB: This is a large group experience not to be confused with the private tour. The bus takes you from My Son to the boat docks. Plan this with the night of full moon festival for extraordinary photos returning to Hoi An. For more information on all available tour options along with details and prices, read our full article here.

Hidden clue: For those who are wary of tight spaces, we advise against vans and buses. They are usually filled to maximum capacity with up to 50 people. Consider a private tour option instead.

Tourists explore the My Son Sanctuary
Tourists explore the My Son ruins with an experienced guide.

Hidden thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler exploring UNESCO-preserved sites in Vietnam or sightseeing while on vacation, My Son deserves a piece of the spotlight. For groups and families with young children, Hidden recommends taking the retro jeep tour, as the bus tour gets notoriously crowded. There is also the alternative of opting for a private transfer. Experienced motorcyclists should definitely consider the self-drive motorcycle route as this part of Vietnam is beautiful to navigate.

The local Hoi An culture derived from the Champa people who ruled this land for over 1,000 years still endures. You see it in the architecture of these ancient temples, as well as in the minds of local guides who express their own wonder of this historic complex. My Son is worth the visit and no matter how you get there, you are sure to leave feeling the same sense of charm.

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