Oryza Villa – Putting rural Vietnam in the spotlight

As a destination, Hoi An has the best of so many worlds, all just a few miles away. Conveniently located just five minutes drive from the Old City and a three-minute drive from the famous The beach at once lies the oasis of Oryza Villa. A slightly newer concept for Vietnam – positioning itself firmly as an upscale, independent vacation rental. Oryza manages to break down the barrier that many upscale resorts have, where their guests don’t see and live real Vietnam.

Website Oryzavilla.comAddress: Cẩm Châu, Hội An Price: entire villa 3,500,000 VND (150 USD) / night

Oryza Villa absorbs what the real Hoi An is, presenting authentic rural Vietnam to travelers. Hidden really can’t think of a better way to do this than from the edge of a paddy field. So read on for our review of this amazing new hosting option.

Villa Oryza – The Concept

These days it’s far too easy to travel through Vietnam without ever really getting a real sense of local life and what the country is all about. With Oryza this trend is reversed and the result is a sort of villa that engages with the local environment, encouraging an authentic connection.

The true beauty of Vietnam can easily be missed by staying at the many beach resorts that have sprung up all over Vietnam. Newer downtown hotels can create a barrier between tourists and locals’ lives. Therefore, it is more difficult to create an authentic connection with the country and its people. The aim of Oryza Villa is to present what rural Hoi An has to offer and to do so in a beautiful environment. By its location Oryza succeeds in allowing travelers to escape the somewhat controlled environment of a resort.

Villa Oryza – The location

ORYZA nature photo with carabao

Oryza has everything you can think of when you imagine a rural setting in Vietnam. Rice fields swept on three sides, farmers in conical hats, wandering buffalos. This is the postcard version of Vietnam. The location of the villa is ideal for those looking for that authentic connection with Hoi An and its people. Allowing you to absorb what real Vietnam is like.

Villa Oryza – The design

ORYZA design

Oryza is a new villa and in its rural setting it retains its originality. But the villa is by no means a replica of a farm house. Instead, it evokes a sense of the rural surroundings without being too overt or creating a cliché rural theme. Designed to fit into its environment, not the other way around.

The villa is designed for couples, especially those looking to experience something authentic and unique. They will be seduced by the calm, the tranquility and the privacy of the villa. That said, anyone who wants to get out of the mad rush and enjoy some peace will appreciate a stay at Oryza Villa.

Photo of the ORYZA room

Oryza Villa has been intelligently designed with its surroundings in mind. The large windows all have Solar E reflective coating – the premium option for heat resistance. The design uses double brick sandwich insulation. It means these walls are thick! There will be no unwanted disturbances here and the air conditioning keeps the villa a constant cool temperature due to the thickness of the walls.


ORYZA terrace and pool plan

Outside, the L-shaped wooden deck and range of seating offers stunning views accompanied by a cool breeze to cool you off. At the front of the villa a coconut tree leans lazily over the infinity pool overlooking the rice fields. Twin deckchairs invite you to decide it’s time to finally get out of the water.

From the villa deck you can hear flocks of ducks quacking. Sitting in your deckchair, you can watch the herds of water buffalo graze in the rice fields. Look skyward and you might get a glimpse of the local birdlife as herons circle and fly over this upscale villa

ORYZA view shooting

It’s clearly a modern house, but from many angles it looks quite traditional. The decor and landscaping are part of it. You won’t find any well-tended herb gardens here, they would just take away the beauty of the wild rice fields. Nature always does a better job than humans, so no golf course-like perfection here. The villa’s vegetable garden fits perfectly here.

The interior of the villa

ORYZA interior

Walking in the remarkable feature must be the huge paneled windows – there to showcase rural Vietnam. The villa is airy and bathed in light and you simply never get tired of the ever changing view. Immersed in the rice fields, this place is simply picturesque.

Inside, Oryza Villa is open plan with very high ceilings. The large space (xxm2) has a clean and minimalist design. The dining room and living room have been tastefully furnished by local artisans using natural materials. Most of the pieces are unique creations, made with the care and attention of someone who truly loves their job.

ORYZA dining room shot

The seats by the window invite you to curl up with a good book or simply contemplate the ever-changing landscape. From inside the villa, you will discover the rural atmosphere of Vietnam as well as the comfort of the creatures. Windows make you feel like you are with nature even when you are seated in your chair.

In the kitchen area there is a breakfast bar made of solid wood from a local boat village. The villa has a spacious kitchen with gas cooking facilities. The space is inviting as you can visualize yourself preparing food while looking at the rice fields. The villa is fully equipped with basic cooking utensils and condiments.

The bedroom

ORYZA garden partition

The interior and exterior merge with a small indoor sand garden, decorated with trees and springboards, separating the bedroom from the living room. Thus, Oryza Villa manages to merge the interior with the exterior. The large XX size bed overlooks the rice fields so you can observe the changing colors from dawn to dusk. Avoid the light pollution of the city center and watch the stars directly from the comfort of your bed through the large skylights on the roof,

Beyond the bedroom is the privacy of a large en-suite bathroom with two walk-in showers and a cloakroom. There is quality bedding and towels throughout the accommodation as well as a washing machine

Amenities at Villa Oryza

Oryza Villa is for couples looking for the ultimate escape. In other words, this oasis is for your private use. This is not a host family, but rather a concept of ‘handing over the keys’ and having fun. That said, there is a full compendium of services, including excursions and day trips to local restaurants, should you decide to venture out. Plus, there are different delivery options – because we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to stay put!

ORYZA placement shot

Push bikes are available for exploring the surrounding area. There are dining options nearby Mobile refrigerator, Chic hotel in Hoi An, Tomato and Hoshigami Restaurants. You can also make it a day and continue from Roving Chillhouse by bike to The beaches of Hoi An.

Hidden thoughts

Above all, the owners of Oryza Villa intend to make sure that every guest who stays here feels like they have had an unforgettable time. Therefore, they provide their clients with all possible assistance to make their stay in Hoi An truly exceptional. The villa is available for a two night minimum stay for couples only. The entire villa starts from 3,500,000 VND per night (150 USD). Reservations best received via 0902895195 or via the Airbnb announcement. Any inquiries to [email protected]

Source: Hidden Hoi An

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